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In 2021, prayer leaders from around the country convened in Nashville, TN to seek God's wisdom as a collective. From that meeting, one thing was abundantly clear: God is calling His people to pray like never before.

We know we should be intentionally seeking more prayer and more intimate prayer in all of our churches, but how do we do that in such a way that could motivate and bring about the spiritual awakening that our nation and world so desperately needs? Led by leaders like Ronnie Floyd, Claude King, Steve Gaines, Bill Elliff, Nathan Lorick, Rolland Slade, Sonny Tucker, Tommy Green, Chris Scofield, Daryl Price, Awakening America Alliance, and many others, the Pastor's Prayer Toolkit is aimed at helping pastors answer the questions that their people are asking.

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10 Million Texts to Spark Prayer

How has God uniquely equipped this generation of Christians for this generation of ministry opportunities? While we have the same Gospel that our preceding brothers and sisters had, we also have something that they did not: technology. So, how might God use technology to bring about the next great prayer movement?

SMS Text Messaging has become the world's most effective form of communication. 98% of all text messages get opened compared to only 15% of emails. This is why Thryve is partnering with the SBC to put text messaging playbooks in the hands of church leaders. Thryve has put together a SMS Prayer Ministry Playbook that you can use to teach your people how to pray more effectively and allow them to text in their prayer needs. When you sign up you'll receive 5,000 text message credits to use to launch your Prayer Ministry.

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Pastor's Prayer Toolkit

All movements of God have begun with a leader seeking God's will from their knees. This Prayer Toolkit guides you with stories, resources, and technologies to equip you in elevating prayer in your local ministry.

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Getting Started

Begin by reflecting on how God might be calling you to lead your church into a season of intentional prayer and seeking Him. We believe God is calling us to elevate the ministry of prayer.
As you review each part below, you will find the overview of each topic and steps you can take to begin to implement such strategies across your ministry. Read them carefully.
Helping your people take the next steps in their own prayer lives is vital. This toolkit introduces you to the most effective stories and technologies to help you get your people engaged in prayer.

Ready to launch your ministry's prayer strategy?

Prayer leaders from across the Church have come together to help put together these resources just for you. This toolkit is all about helping to increase prayer in your local ministry.


How will technology play a role in the next great prayer movement?

98% of SMS text messages get opened which is why it can play a key role in growing your prayer team. Our goal is to see 10 million text messages sent to spark a prayer movement in America. Thryve has partnered with prayer leaders across the nation to build SMS technology designed to prompt people to pray more and is providing $100,000 in scholarships to cover 10 million texts for SBC churches to launch prayer ministry playbooks. Launch your prayer ministry today and begin growing your team of intercessors.

Prayer Insights

The word cloud below shows how certain keywords are trending across the country in prayer requests that are texted into Thryve churches.

Use texting to learn your ministry's top prayer trends

Barna Research shows that while church attendance in America is at an all time low, prayer is still a weekly activity for 70% of individuals.

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Intercession is the noblest work God entrusts to us humans.
T.W. Hunt

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